Media Coverage - Deepam TV Seithigal- February 27, 2022

Deepam Tv Seithigal covered our Beach Cleanup Campaign past week, and we are grateful for their support. Doing more and giving more to our community and environment is something we strive for. We're Here for You!

27 Feb 2022

Media Coverage - AMN TV Seithigal - February 27, 2022

We are thankful to AMN Tv Seithigal (News) for giving us a coverage last week on our Beach Cleanup Campaign. We aspire to do more and give more to the society and environment around us. Your Backers!

27 Feb 2022

Your Backers - Ocean Cleanup Campaign Volunteers - Desappan & Babu

Meet our volunteers Desappan and Babu. They have a message for you.

26 Feb 2022

Ocean Cleaning - Day 5

Today our volunteers have entered the ocean for the fifth consecutive time in this week. The value of consistency is what Your Backers aspires to achieve and benchmark.

25 Feb 2022

Your Backers - Ocean Cleanup Campaign - Volunteers

Your Backers is indebted to have volunteers such as Mr. Babu, Mr. Desappan and Mr. Ravi who have taken the herculean task of ocean cleanup near Ariyankuppam in Puducherry.

24 Feb 2022