About Us

About us
Yourbackers Foundation is a registered company – under the section 8 companies Act, 2013 – working from its head office in Puducherry with a meaningful intent to encourage underprivileged, socially poor, or low-income sectors. Our plans and goals are driven by the societal, individual, and environmental factors that, with every passing day, inspire us to make a wise move and contribute a significant role in the development of a bright future for all.
Our Vision
Our vision is that each and every person from us gains access to the right opportunities he/she has been deserving of Working together with an all-inclusive team of mentally, socially, and physically grounded people, we bridge a transparent gap that prohibits a person, a student, woman, and a man from achieving his dreams.
Our Mission
Our mission is to meet the higher education needs of the underprivileged, strengthen the healthcare support network, establish an ecosystem, put a stop on suicides, and shape a climate where people could feel mentally strong.